Replace SSD on Acer Aspire One ZG5

Acer Aspire One ZG5 has 8GB SSD. This SSD has poor performance as indicated on Wiki.

Intel Z-P230, model SSDPAMM0008G1. This SSD has been criticized for its slow read and write speed. Intel lists the drive’s maximum speeds as 38 MB/s read and 10 MB/s write.

The even worse issue is that the SSD on my netbook has a lot of errors.

So I was considering to replace it by a new SSD.

This is the one I took out from the netbook.

I ordered one from Taobao.  KingSpec 32GB 1.8″ ZIF CE SSD. Read 70MB/s, write 38MB/s. It took me about $45.

To install this SSD inside of netbook, I cut some plastic pole to accomodate it. Doule side foam sticker is needed to fix the SSD.
The ribbon cable came with SSD is different from the old one. It is a little bit thinner. The original one is too thick to fit into the connector. And also I don’t know the direction of cable. So I tried many time by flipping the cable. Until I saw the bios show the HDD information as below.