Install Lubuntu on Acer Aspire One

I have a Acer Aspire One, which is 8GB SSD version with XP home. It is very slow, because of the SSD is MLC.
I have been installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 on it. Now I feel it is time to give it a new face.
I am still like to use Ubuntu as desktop. At same time, I always use Centos on my Linux Server.
Lighter, Faster are the most important concerns when I choose the Ubuntu distribution.
OK, this post is more related to installation how-to, focus on it. I picked Lubuntu at the last.

Now it is easier than before to install the OS from USB disk.
Let’s go through the steps.
1) Download the UNetbootin
Go to
I download the Program for Windows.
It is a green program. No installation needed.
2) Download Lubuntu ISO file
Go to
I can not use the livecd to install it. So remember to download Alternate Installer. It is about 697MB.
3) Prepare the USB disk.
I have a adata C801, 8GB USB disk.

  • Plug it on PC.
  • Run unetbootin.
  • Choose Lubuntu from the dropdown list, and choose version 12.04.
  • Choose Diskimg, and browse the ISO file I downloaded in step 2 above.
  • Choose Type:USB. Choose the Driver. Make sure it is the USB driver, not the others.
  • Then click OK to start.

4) Install Lubuntu to Aspire One
Plug the USB driver into Aspire One.
Press the Power button.
Then press F12 to choose the boot from USB
Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation.
There are some points should be recorded here.
I use the whole disk. It means the hidden partition is deleted.
I can not install GRUB. I have to choose Lilo as loader.

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  1. Hi David, 7,5 years later your recipe is still valid on the same hardware! I needed a small cloud print server and dusted off my old Acer Aspire One 101 netbook. After installling Lubuntu (16.04.3 LTS) and Chromium I hope this will help me out for at least a year of security updates. The little monster is still able to surf fast with Lubuntu (only the fan is a bit annoying – it seems the Intel Atom processor is producing a lot of heat).
    Maybe some other Aspire 100 owners get inspired to re-use their little machines.

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