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Clean the fan of Acer Aspire One

I used Acer Aspire One very often these days. Just feel the fan is too noisy. I think it is time to clean it now.
But, it is not a PC. It is a Netbook. Very compact. How to disassemble it?
I googled it and found a very good guide here.
I follow the steps and disassembled it and took the fan off. Clean the fan and installed it again.
Everything is fine, except the SSD is not found by Bios. I have to redo it to make sure the cable of SSD is perfectly installed.
Now it is very quiet when the system is on.

Install Lubuntu on Acer Aspire One

I have a Acer Aspire One, which is 8GB SSD version with XP home. It is very slow, because of the SSD is MLC.
I have been installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 on it. Now I feel it is time to give it a new face.
I am still like to use Ubuntu as desktop. At same time, I always use Centos on my Linux Server.
Lighter, Faster are the most important concerns when I choose the Ubuntu distribution.
OK, this post is more related to installation how-to, focus on it. I picked Lubuntu at the last.

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Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04

Ubuntu Netbook Edition is designed for Netbook. Such as what I have, Acer Aspire One with 8GB only.
First of all. Download the UNE from the official site.
The ISO file is about 700MB. It took me 40 minutes to complete download.
The second step is Create my own UNE flash drive
It is bootable flash drive, on usb disk.
Here is the link show you how to make a UNE installation USB disk.
The last step is to install it.

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