Trackback 404 error SOLVED!

MovableType Trackback on Microsoft Windows IIS gives 404 error SOLVED!
I’m running MovableType on a Windows 2003 IIS server and noticed Trackback was giving 404 errors for Trackback urls such as
After Google the web, I find the the way to solve it.
It is on Tom Keating’s VoIP Blog.

Details as shown below:

1) In Internet Services Manager, open the properties for the site or directory containing the MT CGI files.
2) Click on the “Home Directory” tab. Toward the bottom, there’s info on the applicationif none is defined, create one.
Click the “Configure” button for the application.
3) On the tab with the “App Mappings”, look for “.cgi” and choose “Edit.”
4) Make sure the checkbox labeled something like “Check that File Exists” is NOT checked.
Apply the changes, press OK, etc.
So simple! I hope this info helps someone with the same problem.

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