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Windows vista vs Ubuntu 7.04

Today I post a new comparison of Windows Vista and Ubuntu 7.04, and the applications running on them. It is an updated post if you saw my post on October 20, 2005. I removed some applications on windows, and replaced them by a cheaper one or free software. The software listed below is very subjective.

Moving from ASP to PHP

I have a dream, mentioned in my Chinese Blog. I want to replce the current Windows 2003 server by a Linux server. There are something to do before I move to Linux. I am familiar with the Windows just like lots of other people who runs a Windows desktop. Now for Server side, Linux, Bind,

Upgrade Ubuntu 6.10 server to 7.04 server

I just upgrade my Ubuntu Server 6.10 to Ubuntu server 7.04. Let me show you which server software I have now with version. OS: Ubuntu 6.10 > 7.04 Control Panel: Webmin 1.320 > 1.340 DNS server: Bind 9.32 > 9.34 Web server: Apache 2.0.55 > 2.2.3 FTP server: ProFTPD Server 1.30 Database server: MySQL version

Home VOIP server is possible

I always thinking about to have a home-brewed VOIP server. Such as this one, Build a Skype Server for Your Home Phone System, it is a skype server, not exactly what I want, but still good. Through this Skype server, you can have a small phone system in your home. The full function of home

Servers in my Ubuntu Server

I installed a testing Ubuntu Server on April 3. Some software or server application are installed on in during last 7 days. Now I have a worked server which can be put under production environment. Let’s list the detail information of them. OS: Ubuntu 6.10 Control Panel: Webmin 1.320 DNS server: Bind 9.32 Web server:

Setup a New Ubuntu 6.10 Server

Last week, I installed Ubuntu 6.10 server version Linux on an old computer. You can see some information below from phpSysInfo. Let me record my installation history. 1) Download Ubuntu 6.10 server image file, and burn it on CD. 2) Boot the computer from this boot-able CD, while promoted, I choose LAMP, and use all

Try Ubuntu as Server

It is my dream. I can have a Linux box within all free software. I installed a Ubuntu on one old computer Thursday. The plan is to let this server has following functions: OS: Linux (Ubuntu) Web Server: Apache 2.0 Mail Server: Postfix (easier to configure than sendmail; has a shorter history of security holes