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OpenSSH server Security Top 6

OpenSSH is very popular SSH server. Widely used on different Linux distribution. I used it for many years on my VPS server. It is easy to use, but security is the top issue for any server. Here is the top 6 security settings for Open SSH server. To make it safe and minimize the risk,

Is your Linux 32bits or 64bits

Some times you need to find out what version is your Linux OS. Just like when I need to download a module, I have to find out which one is right for my OS. Then I can download 32bit, or 64bit package. The most common way to find your Linux installation is enter the following

VPS of Canadian Web Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting offers two different types of VPS hosting, Linux and Windows running under Citrix Xenserver. They can choose different operating systems such as Windows 2008, Redhat, Debian, CentOS, SUSE, and Fedora. As we know, many people use Windows desktop OS and know Windows only. So when they want to choose a VPS, they

How to upgrade Webmin

To upgrade Webmin, you need a webmin installation on the Linux first. 🙂 Say, from your desktop browser, enter https://yourlinuxbox:10000 It is security connection. Then, do if as below: To have updates installed automatically, go to the Webmin Configuration module, click on Upgrade Webmin and use the form in the Update Modules section. The latest

Top 10 Ubuntu Blogs

I have a Ubuntu installation on one of my desktop. I am not a expert of Linux, but I like the spirit of Linux. Free and Open. I alway get the tips, referrence, howtos from these top 10 Ubuntu Blogs. 1) Ubuntu Geek 2) Ubuntu Blog 3) Mark Shuttleworth 4) Ubuntu Fridge 5) All about