During past three weeks, I am learning the GNU/Linux. At the same time, I am shocked by the spirit of the Free Software.
I decided to change my programing way to Free Software, or Open Sourc Software.

Free Software Foundation
is an excellent source of inforamtion.
I will move to opensource and let the Pentacle In out Board free to be access.
From Pentacle Free Limited to Pentacle Silver to Pentacle Gold, over hundreds copies are downloaded.
This software will be combined to one as Pentacel In Out Board. It is totally free to download, free to use, free to modify, and it is a opensource software.
The site, www.g2soft.net, will host max 4 opensource software.
Everything is changed by Free Software.

David Yin

David is a blogger, geek, and web developer — founder of FreeInOutBoard.com. If you like his post, you can say thank you here

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