Sometimes I need a program to read a document, or help to tell me the pronouncation of an English word. If you read my post often, you must know English is not my comfort zone.

There are lots of Text to Speech softwares. Today I want to introduce a free software.

NaturalReader Free Version.

Yes, NaturalReader has three versions. Including free version, Professional Basic Pack at $39.5, and Enterprise Value Pack at $99.5.

For the home user, NaturalReader Free version is enough.

Here are full Common Functions:

Read Text files
o Text files
o MS Word files
o MS Internet Explorer webpages
o Adobe PDF files
o Emails

Read settings/adjustments
o Speed
o Voice (male/female)
o Quality
o Volume

The problem is the default Free version has only Microsoft Mary voice. No actually natural voice included. It read text like a Robot.

The solution is go to Internet and find the natural Voice Package.
I use a P2P tool, Emule, to search “Text to Speech” and get a lot of results.
Say, Text-To-Speech.English.Paul.rar Link: ed2k://|file|Text-To-Speech.English.Paul.rar|234646887|7ADA791554A32648BD10962622A51AD4|/
NeoSpeech.Text-To-Speech.16K.Kate.rar Link: ed2k://|file|[NeoSpeech%E8%AF%AD%E9%9F%B3%E5%90%88%E6%88%90%E8%8B%B1%E8%AF%AD%E3%80%81%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87%E6%9C%97%E8%AF%BB%E5%BC%95%E6%93%8E].NeoSpeech.Text-To-Speech.16K.Kate.rar|235151367|F2146DCC8D46F699CA22397F86FBD08D|/

They all have good voice.
After install these two voice packages, NaturalReader can easily recognize them.

I like NaturalReader’s following functions:
1) Read regular text file in it.
2) Read the select text in Firefox or IE.
3) Convert text to MP3 directly.

David Yin

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