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Perfect links of MSDN resource

If you want to access MSDN resource without MSDN account, it is your choice. One of the best. Maybe the best.
Click here to access it.
There are developer tools, Operation System, Server, etc.
From Windows 3.1 to Windows 7.
You should have emule installed on your computer and all resources files are downloaded though emule.

eMule 0.49c released announced that 0.49c is released on Feb. 22, 2009.
New features shown as below:
* Ability to share and unshare single files instead of directories only and also support of Drag&Drop to do so easily
* Support of new security features on Windows Vista (and partially also XP) to further harden eMule against any possible exploits
* Automatic recovery of corrupt part.met files by using the backupfiles
* Kad improvements like automatic search-keyword rearranging (allowing searches like ‘an eMule’ and also helping to reduce load on busy nodes), avoiding fragmented UDP packets (making it more compatible to zealous firewalls) and other changes
* Improving UPnP by refreshing the mappings as well as adding Webinterface support
* And as always fixing bugs and adding other small changes

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DD-WRT Emule setting to improve performance

To get better performance and let other Internet activities work, I set my router’s DD-WRT as below:
Change IP Filter Setting,
Max Ports 4096
TCP Timeout 120
UDP Timeout 120
The smaller timeout will drop in-active connection faster.
Emule is one kind of P2P software. All P2P needs a lot of connections anytime.
If “ip-conntrack” table in router is full, the router will hang.
So give big Max Ports to allow more connections.
Any other P2P software can use this settings to improve performance. Including eDonkey, BT, etc.

Free Text to Speech software : NaturalReader

Sometimes I need a program to read a document, or help to tell me the pronouncation of an English word. If you read my post often, you must know English is not my comfort zone.

There are lots of Text to Speech softwares. Today I want to introduce a free software.

NaturalReader Free Version.

Yes, NaturalReader has three versions. Including free version, Professional Basic Pack at $39.5, and Enterprise Value Pack at $99.5.

For the home user, NaturalReader Free version is enough.

Here are full Common Functions:

Read Text files
o Text files
o MS Word files
o MS Internet Explorer webpages
o Adobe PDF files
o Emails

Read settings/adjustments
o Speed
o Voice (male/female)
o Quality
o Volume

The problem is the default Free version has only Microsoft Mary voice. No actually natural voice included. It read text like a Robot.

The solution is go to Internet and find the natural Voice Package.
I use a P2P tool, Emule, to search “Text to Speech” and get a lot of results.
Say, Text-To-Speech.English.Paul.rar Link: ed2k://|file|Text-To-Speech.English.Paul.rar|234646887|7ADA791554A32648BD10962622A51AD4|/
NeoSpeech.Text-To-Speech.16K.Kate.rar Link: ed2k://|file|[NeoSpeech%E8%AF%AD%E9%9F%B3%E5%90%88%E6%88%90%E8%8B%B1%E8%AF%AD%E3%80%81%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87%E6%9C%97%E8%AF%BB%E5%BC%95%E6%93%8E].NeoSpeech.Text-To-Speech.16K.Kate.rar|235151367|F2146DCC8D46F699CA22397F86FBD08D|/

They all have good voice.
After install these two voice packages, NaturalReader can easily recognize them.

I like NaturalReader’s following functions:
1) Read regular text file in it.
2) Read the select text in Firefox or IE.
3) Convert text to MP3 directly.

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