aMule aMule-daemon and aMuleweb

aMule is a replacement of eMule on Linux.
My request is to running aMule on Ubuntu server without monitor. I have to use web interface to control it.
SSH to Ubuntu server.
Runing following command to install amule-common and amule-daemon

sudo apt-get install amule-common amule-daemon

After finished installation, modify the configuration file to make it accept web control.
open /etc/default/amule-daemon
Make it run.
Open ~/.aMule/amule.conf
There is a setting for webserver.
Find AcceptExternalConnection, set it to 1.
Find ECPassword, set the password for web connection. But it is not the password itself, it is a MD5Sum value of password.
The question is how to get the MD5Sum value of password.
You can use a php page to generate a MD5Sum value by md5() function. Or use the command below.
echo -n yourpassword | md5sum | cut ‘ ‘ -f 1
After that, run amuleweb -w to make a setting file for amuleweb.
The last step is sudo /etc/init.d/amule-daemon start
aMule is running as a service.
Connect the aMuleweb through the post 4711.
So the web address is looks like http://yourserver:4711/