Canadian Web Hosting offers two different types of VPS hosting, Linux and Windows running under Citrix Xenserver. They can choose different operating systems such as Windows 2008, Redhat, Debian, CentOS, SUSE, and Fedora.
As we know, many people use Windows desktop OS and know Windows only. So when they want to choose a VPS, they pick up Windows VPS.
Let’s look at the the service and price Canadian Web Hosting provided.
Say, VPS-Win 1000.
It has 20GB disk space, 1000GB Bandwidth. It is good enough for one or two busy forum or sites.
Two IPs. It is so good to have the individual IP. Especially for commerce site.
512M memory, 256Mhz CPU, are also OK.
For experienced Windows user, server is a little bit different. So Remote Desktop can help them manage Windows VPS server without problem. MS SQL 2008 express is included.
Firewall and Intrusion Protection are very important. I heard so many cases that site was hacked, site was hijacked. Just because the security issues.
So if you have a lot of Windows experience, and start to launch an web site, I recommend you buy this Windows VPS for $85.40/month.

For myself, I am very interested in Linux VPS hosting. I played Linux for many years.
Compare with Windows VPS, Linux system use less memory and disk space. The price is also lower. VPS Standard cost $35.95/month, if you pay it biyearly.
Monthly payment will 11% higher.
Let’s look at it closer.
20GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth, 2 IP address, are same as the Windows VPS I mentioned above.
Memory is 256MB, guaranteed. It is a little bit low, but it is ok for start. When you need more memory, you can upgrade it to VPS Pro or VPS 2000.
I like SSH. It can let me do anything on the Linux. Even reboot it.
Actually, they provide SSH2, more secure.
In a word, get your own VPS based on your needs and budget.

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3 Replies to “VPS of Canadian Web Hosting

  1. I am surrently working with Dreamhost, after I finished the contract i will be going to host at Linode because some of the users sais that Linode is the best in VPs and you said its friendly, so I decide to use it. 😉 I will add Linode in top 10 vps list if ever they are good.

  2. Well, I don’t agree that “It is good enough for one or two busy forum or sites.”
    I have phpbb3 based forum with 2k visitors per day, which is not too much, but busy enough. And when CPU lows down to 250Mhz it seriously slows down. By my observations 1000Mhz is good enough for it, but not 250Mhz.
    Also prices of hosting you described are not too good. Check this one:
    It has the same configuration you described, but it costs 7,9€ agains yours $35.95. And it also has twice more RAM.

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