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Blender – Open Source Multimedia Software

Packt Open Source Awards always give the best choice for Open Source software. Blender is the winner of 2011 Open Source Multimedia Software.
Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite.
The steps to do it is model – shade – animate – render – composite – interactive 3d.
See this sample.
old guy

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When phpBB 3.1 release

Right now, latest version of phpBB is 3.0.7 PL1. The features of the next version 3.1 freeze on July 20, 2010. So what is the exact date to release it.
The following are features or changes on phpBB 3.1
* Coding Guideline Modifications RFC Ticket
* Autoloading & Class Naming Convention RFC Ticket
* Removal of subsilver2 RFC Ticket
Patch in progress:
* Improved Page Titles RFC Ticket
* Avatar improvements, Gravatar RFC Ticket
* Improved template engine RFC Ticket
* SQLite 3.0+ Support RFC Ticket
* Updated BBcode engine RFC
* Request Class RFC Ticket
* Switch to PHP timezone handling RFC Ticket
* Modular Cron RFC Ticket
* General Hook Architecture RFC Ticket
* Resume support for attachments / HTTP range support RFC Ticket
* Soft Delete RFC Ticket
* Enhanced Team Page RFC Ticket
* Improve User Pruning feature RFC Ticket
* Rename MSNM to WLM RFC Ticket
* Link global announcements to forumsRFC Ticket
* Simple message API RFC Ticket
* Attachments Management RFC Ticket
* MOD Installer RFC Ticket
* Cleaning up the ACP UI RFC Ticket
* No db storage of themes and stylesheets RFC Ticket
RFC only:
* Migrations (UMIL) RFC Ticket Data Providers RFC
* Changing IP banning to use ‘longest prefix matching’ RFC Ticket
* Ability to delete auto login keys RFC Ticket
* Authentication Plugin Refactoring, User Integration & OpenID RFC Ticket
* Session Backend Abstraction (memcache support) RFC Ticket
* Search Backend Refactoring RFC Ticket
* Pre-Compile Template Includes RFC
* Overridable imageset and theme paths for CDNs RFC

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phplist released 2.10.7

We know php is very powerful web script language.
Now I would like to introduce the mailing management program, phplist.
It is an open-source newsletter manager. phplist is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website.
Open Souce? Yes, I like it. Free to download and use it in your website.
There are ton’s of features. Let’s see the highlight some.
* double opt-in subscription mechanism
* scheduling
* list segmentation
* click-tracking
* attachments
* bounce management
Click here to download it.
Any question about installation and others, go to support page.

MovableType three distributions

Six Apart own the one of the most popular Blog software, Movable Type.
The latest version is 4.1, which released on Jan 24, 2008
Now MovableType has three distributions under different license.
1) MTOS (Movable Type Open Source) is a distribution of MT available under the GPL (v2).
It is Open Source license. Free to download, use, and modify. The restriction is keep Open Source, if you want to re-distribute it.
2) Movable Type for Personal Use is a distribution of Movable Type that is 100% identical to MTOS from a code perspective, however it is only available under a proprietary (closed source) license.
This is a free version for personal use. I also use this distribution.
3) Movable Type for Commercial Use is a distribution of Movable Type that includes the commercially-licensed equivalent of the core open source product and includes the Movable Type Professional Pack that contains features exclusive to our paid customers.
The advantage is the Professional Pack. The features are not included into the MTOS and personal license.

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Joomla! 1.5 Stable release

After 2 and half years development, the Joomla! 1.5 released now.

It is a long waiting. I will hurry to install this new system to test it and try to migrate my Joomla 1.0 site.

To download it, click here. Download the installation package from the Joomla Code Updated 2013.08.29

Installation Instructions
Fresh Installation

Upgrade Instructions
From Joomla! 1.5 RC4

Migration Instructions
From Joomla! 1.0.x


My suggestion is to try the clean install first. Be familiar with the new user interface, administrator end and template. Then you can see how do you migrate your old one. Or just use the new Joomla 1.5.

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Install Gallery

Do you want your own Web Gallery, or Web Photo Albums. Check Gallery. It is a Open Source program
I use a one-click-installation feature of DreamHost to install this service for my Grace’s site. The album is private site, no more public view.
Why I choose this photo album organizer?
You know I setup a Blog for my Grace powered by WordPress. It has a Gallery plugin can connect this Gallery with WordPress.
The features of WPG2 shown as below:
* Gallery 2 Images, Videos, Albums (displays the Album Highlight Image) can be displayed in Blog Entries
* Random, Recent, Daily, Weekly, Popular Images, Albums can be displayed as image blocks in the WordPress Sidebar
* Management of Gallery2 users, secured by WordPress User Roles and Capabilities
* Automatic logging in of WordPress Users into Gallery2
* Displaying Gallery2 Output within a WordPress Page
It looks powerful.
I upload the photos on her own Album location.
She login the WordPress, pickup a photo, and write something about it.
It is easy for her and for us.

Announcing Pentacle In-Out Board v

The last ASP version of my Pentacle In-Out Board is released now.
The Pentacle v7.05.0.2302 is ready to download.
It is still Open Source software. Free to download and use.
In the new version, something added as below:

Sorting by user last name.
Group can be deleted.
Location can be deleted.
New attendance report.

For the final version, I does not have much word to say. It is like my baby. I will give it a new born in future.

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