During last two weeks, my firefox getting slower and slower. It is Windows 10, with Firefox 67 or early version.

When I enter an HTTPS web site URL into the address bar, it took a lot of time to load the page. Sometimes it is timeout error.

Down in the lower-left corner of the Firefox window, there is a small grey box that tells you what is doing or waiting.

The problem is getting worse. More web sites I was OK to open, now are time out error.

The message on the status bar is “Performing a TLS handshake”.

What’s going on.

Based on my knowledge, TLS handshake is very fast, normally less 1 second.

Solution: Performing TLS Handshake

Create a New Firefox Profile.

Open a new tab and enter “about:profiles” into the address bar and hit enter. The profile manager will be opened.


Click the button “Create a New Profile” and follow the wizard.


Click “Launch profile in new browser” button. Then close the old browser.

At the new browser enter the “about:profiles” into the address bar to open the Profile Manager.

Click the “Remove” button to remove the old profile. All done.


Now I have no more problem on the HTTPS web sites. Open in a second.

David Yin

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2 Replies to “Firefox always show Performing TLS Handshake

  1. Removing profile isn’t saving my day. I have lots of bookmarks. Why should I remove my profile? Clearly, Firefox going to be trash. Thanks for your solutions. I know you gave only solution. But Firefox should solve this problem.

    1. For bookmarks, I use Firefox sync to keep them. So even I start a new profile, it is still there.
      I am still using Firefox as my major browser and Chrome as my second choice.

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