3 Ways to Manage Your Online Passwords

The experts have loads of advise on how to make your passwords stronger. Most of it is bunk.
To Manage your Online Passwords, you can choose one of the best ways below or mix them.
1) Write them down
Just do it. I would like to say it is OK. You can image:What is the risk of someone being inside your house and getting access to your password, compared to choosing one that could be solved in three guesses by someone on the other side of the world?
2)Perform basic triage
You probably want to do everything you can to protect your online banking code. I am totally agree it, such as the password for your BOA account. “TttMeat9” is probably fine. Combine capital, small case, and number into a minimum 8-digits password.

3) Use software
There are programs on the market to help manage passwords. Some of them, like the Firefox browser’s password manager, are restricted to a single machine, but you still can use Firefox Sync to synchronize your passwords on desktops and laptops, within one account.

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