Visitor Access Management is a tricky subject for security experts. This is especially true for secure locations such as hospitals, schools, and office buildings. Visitor management has two sides to it – location security and visitor hospitality. Neither do you want to compromise the security of your premises nor do you want any visitor to feel unwelcome or annoyed by the entire check-in process. In this article, we will look at four ways you can simplify and better your visitor management process.

Automation: If you are in charge of a large organization and are required to check-in thousands of visitors on a daily basis, investing in an automatic visitor access management system will pay off in the long run. These systems work with minimum manual entry and allow security personnels to print plastic ID badges for visitors with all required data points in no time. Automation also involves the use of a robust software system in the backend which can hold the data for quick access.


Print reusable plastic ID cards: With the world getting conscious of our use of plastic, it is a good idea to invest in reusable ink for your plastic ID cards. If you need to manage a large number of visitors in a day, reusability will help manage cost as well. While paper printouts make for a good solution, the output looks unprofessional and clumsy. Plastic badges, on the other hand, look professional and last longer, especially if the visitor is in for manual labour.


Save data: It is a good idea to save the data of the visitors entering your premises. A good way to do that is to save certain unique fields such as phone number or email address and tag them to profiles. If biometric authentication is a possibility, that simplifies the process even further. Once a visitor checks in once, for repeat visits, it is just about pulling the previous data and printing plastic ID badges for visitors.

Physical security setup: Physical security not only includes what the visitor is carrying into the building, but also what they are carrying out. The easiest way to keep tab is to have all information printed on the visitors’ badges. Right from vehicle details to personal storage devices carried, everything should be noted. This needs careful planning and execution. You don’t want your visitor to make multiple pit-stops for each. Your security setup should enable visitors to use one identification for everything right from access to relevant areas to paying for parking.


With biometric authentication taking over the security industry with storm, it is always a good idea to stay ahead in the game. With Android and other software systems allowing seamless integration with biometric devices, it is only time that visitor check-ins become as simple as swiping plastic ID badges for visitors. Security and hospitality stay the most important aspects of building administrators across the world. A seamless visitor check-in system will only add value to that.

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