I am always surprised by Firefox version number. It is just from 15.0 to 15.0.1. Now, it is Firefox 16.0.

Look at the complete list of bugs fixed by this new version.

Bug ID Summary

  • 761857 Make MOZ_CRASH() stop debuggers on the line containing it (or MOZ_ASSERT) on Linux, not in abort()
  • 761859 mozalloc_abort() should use MOZ_CRASH(), not roll its own crash behavior
  • 761861 Crash with contentEditable, insertParagraph, forwardDelete
  • 753665 shutdown crash in nsWindow::FindTopLevel
  • 770058 Switching main window between active and inactive doesn’t update the title bar active state if disab…
  • 770063 Intermittent test_sandbox.xul | Check number of loaded content types: application/javascript,text/ht…
  • 761872 content/base/test/test_bug518104.html has race between iframe and parent document script
  • 778263 JavaScript Error: “Error selecting word: [Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 …
  • 761882 Hook up the WebIDL parser tests to run during make check
  • 761884 LayoutView is causing an infinite loop by making changes within a MozAfterPaint handler
  • 770079 Reload and Bookmark disappear from menu in Nightly on tablet with And. 4.03


There are three new features below:

  • Firefox on Mac OS X now has preliminary VoiceOver support turned on by default
  • Initial web app support (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Acholi and Kazakh localizations added

web app support is a new one.

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