Upgrade the BIOS on PRIME B450M-A II

It is time to upgrade my desktop PC motherboard. it is Asus PRIME B450M-A II.

The bios running on the board is v 3604, which I upgraded in March 2022.

How to upgrade the ASUS motherboard BIOS?

1. Download the latest BIOS file from the official website.

Link here

2. Unzip the download file

The file downloaded is a zip file, PRIME-B450M-A-II-ASUS-3802.zip.

Unzip it to a folder.

3. Run the BIOSRenamer.exe to rename the bios CAP file

Based on the guide, just double-click the BIOSRenamer.exe to rename the CAP file.

The file name is PB450MA2.CAP.

4. Copy the CAP file to a USB disk

5. Reboot the computer with the USB disk in it.

Call the BIOS setting interface, by pressing DEL key on POST.

Got to Tool > ASUS EZ Flash 3 Utility

6. Select the PB450MA2.CAP, then start.

It took a few minutes for processing. Just keep quiet and wait. It will restart after all.

7. The desktop on POST will pause on the screen to wait for you to go into the BIOS setting.

Enter F1, check all these configurations, and Save and Exit.





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