I have the TP-link TX401 10Gbe Rj45 ethernet adapter. Now I tried to upgrade its firmware.

First of all, I need to know which chipset is it using.

After a few Google searches, I find the chipset it uses is AQC107.

The name on the adapter properties is Marvel AQtion 10Gbit Network Adapter.

The official site to get the latest Marvell Drivers or firmware is Marvell Download.

Marvell Drivers Download
Marvell Drivers Download


  1. Select Marvell Public Drivers
  2. Choose Windows platforms
  3. Part number is AQC107
  4. Click Apply and download the 1.8.0_3.1.121a
  5. The download MarvellFlashUpdate_1.80.3_3.1.121a.zip file is 2,327KB.
  6. Unzip it into a folder.

Check the readme.txt file to find the guide to upgrading the firmware of the adapter.

Based on the Readme, TP-link TX401 is not in the supported devices list. But I did it anyway. Because the upgrade program will check the chipset to see if it is supported before the upgrade.
Three Steps

  1. Open CMD Window as Admin
  2. Go to the folder that has the files extracted
  3. Run the executable program atlflashupdate
TX401 Flash firmware
TX401 Flash firmware


Because I run it in the  Git Bash window, so it did not show me the flash result. It just told me that the firmware version shipped is 3.1.100,  it can be upgraded to 3.1.121.

I chose to continue to upgrade. I noticed the network is offline and online again. But no finished notice.

OK. I forced stop this window and use CMD to rerun the command.

Double-check the firmware

Here it is already the latest firmware 3.1.121. No update is required.

Well done.


PS. Backup download link of the firmware 3.1.121 zip file. MarvellFlashUpdate_1.80.3_3.1.121a

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