It is time to check the BIOS version of my PC. I do regular maintenance for a few months.

The upgrade procedure is the same as before. The motherboard is Asus PRIME B450M-A II. The version of BIOS on the MB is v3802, dated 04/28/2022.

BIOS v3802
BIOS v3802

I download the latest BIOS file from the official website.

It is v4002 now.

Version 4002
15.73 MB

Look at the list of updates

1. Update AGESA version to ComboV2PI 1208
2. Mitigate the AMD potential security vulnerabilities for AMD Athlon™ processors and Ryzen™ processors.


See, the security vulnerabilities is very important.

after upgrade

After upgrading the version number is 4002 x64.

There are also some modifications when I change the settings of BIOS and do the first restart.

changes of configuration

  • SVM enabled
  • IGFX Multi-Monitor -> enabled
  • Primary Video Device -> IGFX Video
  • UMA Frame Buffer Size -> 2G

That is all.


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