Today I would like to record how I fixed my TV control. The TV was bought three years ago. LG NanoCell 55-inch Smart TV.

The control has a name: Magic Remote Control.


If you want to buy a replacement from the official LG store, go to the Amazon link here. The price is $50.86.

I find a video of how to disassemble it.

When I opened it, one part fell out. It is the wheel.

The support of the wheel is broken. So the wheel is stuck and there is no way to rotate it.

I need to fix it with something I can easily access. I looked at my storage. Found an Allen key. A very small Allen Key.

First step, I used a metal file to make the hexagonal even smaller to fit in.

Second step, I use the cutting tool to cut it to the length I need.

Third step, I drilled a hole in the center of the wheel. The part I made in the second step can pass through.

In the fourth step, I mixed the AB glue and put the parts together, added glue, and make sure the position was OK.


It is not too good, because I don’t have the right tools.

When I install the wheel into the remote control, it is a perfect match.


You can see the glue in the middle of the part.

At the last step, I put everything together. Install the battery. It works as a new remote control.

I learned this method from YouTube. Some videos use a toothpick instead of an Allen key which I am using. I believe the wood or bamboo toothpick is too soft. It may not last long enough.

You can see the timestep of my pictures. I used the fixed remote control for almost three weeks. No one will feel any difference between the old one and the new original LG Magic Remote Control.


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