From yesterday night, heavy snow has fallen in Metro Vancouver.

You will see all school districts issued the School Close notice early this morning. UBC had the notice yesterday. A lot of offices closed today.

Let us see the pictures I took this afternoon.

The snow is very dry and fluffy.
The patio table I put outside. The snow on top of it is so thick.

On Twitter, The worker cleans the snow on the pillar of the bridge.

If you don’t have to be on the roads, please stay home. Some hills in the Lower Mainland have been closed due to icy conditions, buses are getting stuck and even some trucks are causing traffic backups


Due to the very cold temperature the past week, one of our neighbors had a pipe-busting incident yesterday afternoon. Luckily, there is resident found it immediately after. So turn off the water main. The plumber came and opened the wall, and found it is the frozen pipe from the next door.

When I checked the BC Hydro outage map, I saw someplace has no power because of a tree down across the wires.

In the extreme weather, I pray for all the people working outside to be safe. I pray for the families in a warm and comfortable place to stay.
God, hear my prayers.

David Yin

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