I got this tool during the New Year season. I like it. If you like to clean your ear wax, you will like it.

It is a set of “Ear Cleaner with Camera”. There are a lot of similar products on Amazon.ca. The one I got is Hopefox Ear Removal Kit. The price ranges from 20 to 30 dollars.

The full set of ear wax cleaner tools.

  • Safe silicone cases and 6 pieces of earpicks
  • Brush
  • Five metal earpicks
  • IP67 waterproof lens.
  • Wi-Fi connection to Android phone or iOS system
  • 30fps image transfer rate

How to use it

Step 0

Open the box, remove the device and cable, and charge it first.

Step 1

Download the “Soulear” App from the App Store. I am using the Google Play Store.

Oh, it can’t work for computer systems.

Step 2

Long press the switch key to turn on the device, and after 5 seconds, move to the next step.

The button light is flashing.

Step 3

Open the “Soulear” App.

Click the “Connect Device”, follow the pop-up prompt and click connect now to jump to the mobile WIFI setting interface.

Step 4

Find “Soulear-xxx” on the WiFi setting interface and click to connect. , The button is stable on.

It may tell you there is no internet. It is OK.

Step 5

After the mobile phone displays “Soulear-xxx” WiFi is connected, return to the App again and start to use it.

It is quite easy to use. You don’t have to have some special training to use it.


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