We know it is the Arctic Outflow warning a few days ago. Yesterday the snow was coming at about 2 PM.


When my son left school and walked home, the snow was heavy.

My elder daughter walked him home. She said the snow was very dry.

Gloria takes the bus and Skytrain home. Normally it is less than one hour from UBC to home. But it took her two and a half hours.  Because the traffic and most of the vehicles drive slower.

The temperature was getting lower and lower yesterday night.

Today, at the 1 PM afternoon.

The basement is the coldest place in my home. Good for summer, but not in winter.

We have a larger sliding double-glass door. I put the thermometer just next to the door. A few minutes later, I checked it.

It was 14.6°C at 3 PM.

We set the heater controller to 20°C.  It is located on the middle floor.

When I pulled the curtains, I saw the ice on the bottom of the sliding door frame.

It is not just in the basement. All three floors, at the same position, all three sliding door frames are frozen with ice inside. I believe it is the water vapor in the air. The air humans breathe out.

These sliding doors are facing south.  The sliding door facing north has no ice on it.

My wife told me later that it may be the power of the curtains. The curtains are long enough to touch the ground. There is no curtain at the north-facing sliding door. Only plastic blinds were installed on it.

I will try to open the curtains and see what happens tonight.

Let me show you what happened now and later this weekend.

Now, it is -11°C. Feels like -15°C.

It will be -12°C tonight.

Then slowly, the temperature will go up.

We know that the traffic will be a problem in every year’s first snow.

Abandoned multi-vehicle pile-up caught on video in Burnaby after sudden snowfall

Burnaby to open emergency warming centre

I wish people could have warm shelter in extremely severe temperatures.  All the drivers are at their destinations safely.

David Yin

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