I bought a new TV in June 2021. I almost forgot to record it here. My old TV, ViewSonic N4280p has some problems and also only two HDMI ports. So, we went to the Costco warehouse and did a lot of research on the Internet for current mainstream TV sets.Continue Reading

It is my first Set-Top-Box from mainland China. I ordered it from the official site of Xiaomi. The price is CNY299.00, including tax, shipping and handling. It is sent to my parents’ home, then my mom brought it when she came here. It is a good deal. CNY299 is aboutContinue Reading

Today, I upgrade O!Play firmware from 1.17N to 1.21N. There are so many new features I would like to show. On v1.18 Update Item: 1.Improve subtitle font support for the missing characters 2.Add in txt subtitle format support 3.Add in file and folder management function. Press left key to deleteContinue Reading