There are some free-on-air HDTV channels in the big city, such as Vancouver and San Francisco.
1) HDTV with ATSC

An ATSC tuner, often called an ATSC receiver or HDTV tuner, allows reception of ATSC digital television (DTV) signals broadcast over-the-air by TV stations in North America and South Korea. Such tuners may be integrated into the television, VCR, digital video recorder, and set-top box which provides audio/video output-connectors of various types.

2) HDTV Antennas
I prefer Indoor antennas.
It is a list of Indoor TV Antennas for HDTV
3) HDTV TV station/channel
Digital Television/HDTV Channel List in San Francisco Bay Area
(within 100 miles of San Francisco)
Now new HDTV set with HDTV programs.
If you watch free broadcast television using an antenna on a TV set that has an analog tuner – and don’t subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service – you will be affected by the transition.* You can upgrade to DTV by taking one of three steps:
* Purchase a DTV converter box.
* Purchase a digital TV set
* Subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service

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