MovableType 4.2 RC release

Just got the news about MT 4.2 rc release.
It looks like a small upgrade for new features.
Let us have a close look about it.

  1. A faster and more efficient user experience
  2. More design options and our simplest and most powerful templates yet
  3. The best, most effective anti-spam solution

In the first feature, the most important is described as below:

Completely Rewritten Search – Movable Type’s venerable built-in search system has been rewritten from the ground up to be modernized, much more flexible, and lightning-fast. Now it’s easy to create custom-filtered views of your content.

MT-search is heavy CPU load script on my host.
If the new search can solve it, I would like to keep use it instead of Google Search.
It announced that Common tasks in Movable Type 4.2 are up to 100 times faster.
Do you believe it?

I would like to have a road test of it on MovableType Beta Unofficial Blog.

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