Got a Haupauge WINTV-USB2-FM Analog NTSC TV Stick

Got a new toy, USB TV tuner, from
Hauppauge WINTV-USB2-FM Analog TV Stick.
I plugged it into one USB port. Installed the software from the CD.
And connect the TV cable with the usb stick. Run the program to scan the channels. I got 50+ with shaw cable.

Watch live TV on your notebook or desktop PC
Watch TV channels from over-the-air.
Watch analog TV by connecting to cable TV.
View in full screen or in a window.
Remote control and portable antenna included.
Record your favorite TV programs. Record analog TV shows to your computer’s hard drive with one click. Use the TV Scheduler as a personal video recorder to record your TV shows daily, weekly, or only once.
TV Standards:
NTSC is the analog TV standard in North America.
PAL M and PAL N are the analog TV standards in South America.
Analog TV recordings typically consume 1.5GB of disk space per hour.
It is a cheaper toy. Only $16.79 including tax.

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