I have a Pontiac SV6 mini van. I found the remote control sometimes not work. I try to replace the battery of it.
The number on the back of remote control is GM/L:15100811.
The front looks like below.


The battery type is CR2032. Very popular, you can find it in any stores.
The steps to replace the battery in a Pontiac Remote Control
1) Insert a small knife or thin flat-head screwdriver between the remote halves, directly underneath the slot for your key ring. It is actually the part I circled it in red above.

2) Pry the remote halves apart carefully. Set them down on a table, and then remove the old battery from the remote.
3) Insert the new battery, with the “positive” symbol facing up. Align the remote halves and press them together to snap the remote back together.
When I opened it, everything is simple. take the old battery out, put the new battery in.
Some other brand car has same remote control, such as Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, etc. So if your car’s door remote control looks similar as the picture above, you can try the way I use. It must works.
Some ideal based on eHow.

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