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Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (4-Pack) Pre-Charged

I bought regular Duracell Alkaline battery at Costco. It is AA size. I used it on the clock, radio, remote controller etc. And at the same time, I would like to use the rechargeable battery for other devices. Such as Xbox wireless controller. My son and I play the game very often. The shacking function makes the battery run faster.

So I online ordered the Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (4-Pack) Pre-Charged. Look at the prices.

There are two type of packs. One is 4 batteries, $12.99. The other one is 8 batteries, $26.99.

It doesn’t make sense. I can buy two boxes of 4-pack. The total is $12.99×2 = $25.98. It is cheaper thant the 8-pack.

  • Improved low self discharge
  • Improved high recovery type
  • High Capacity
  • Hundreds of Cycles
  • Excellent Over-discharge Performance
  • Made in Japan
  • Pre-Charged using Solar Energy

Some pictures from site:

When I received the packages, it looks like above. Protected very well.

Amazon’s pic.

This is my picture.

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Replace iRobot Roomba Battery

I have a robot vacuum, iRobot Roomba 551. I can not recall when I bought it. But, I think it is five years old at least 4 or 5 years. I bought it at Costco. Maybe a little bit over $300 at that time.

We use it once a week for three bedrooms in my house. Two months ago, my daughters, who are responsible for vacuuming, told me that the robot does not work. It looks full charged, but run down in one minute. I think it is battery life.

When I came back from San Francisco, I checked the battery replacement vendors on Google. At last, I found one is very close my house.

It is Certified Battery. You can find almost all different battery on their website. They will ship it to your home. But for me, I would like to go there and do my local shopping.

Before I go there, I took off the battery from iRobot Roomba 551.

How to take out the battery?

It is simple. Unscrew a screw on the small yellow tuning brush., and remove it. Then, unscrew four screws and took the cover off.  It looks like below.

roomba551-uncoverThe big yellow with iRobot Roomba letters is the battery.

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Replace the Battery of Anne Klein watch

It is an old watch for woman. My wife received it as a gift from her cousin about twenty years ago.

I found it from the old stuff in  Shanghai. It does not work because of battery.

When I home, I open it by the special tool, which I will mentioned later. Took the battery out and located the size or model number is 364.

Now it is simple, go to and bought a pack of this battery.


It is 5 PC pack. Brand name is Maxell, Silver Oxide Battery for Watch. 1.55V. Model number is 364 SR621SW SR60 363.

I made the order on Aug. 13, 2015. Received the item Today, Aug. 21, 2015. The back of the pack shows the exp. date 12.2016.


About the SR621SW Battery

SR621SW is the name of a small 1.55 volt battery.  It is a popular battery for watches and other small electronics.
S stands for its silver-oxide positive electrode terminal.
R stands for its round shape.
6 stands for 6.8 mm diameter.
21 stands for 2.1 mm height.
S stands for its sodium hydroxide electrolyte.
W means the battery meets the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard for watch batteries.
Capacity: 20 mAh
Voltage: 1.55V
Then I replaced battery with the new one I just got. Put the cover back with a small rubber hammer. It is hard to open the back-cover and put it back.
Here is the watch.
Based on the Ebay listing description: This is a Beautiful Gold Tone Anne Klein ladies watch. It is water resistant to 100ft and  has a white face with gold Roman numerals. It has a clasp Rolex style band. It is Quartz.
The listing price of it is US$19.99.
Watch Model: 11/7878-9 9GB

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Have two Watch battery on eBay

I have a Roots sport watch, RY2202. The battery is exhausted.

I browsed retail stores in the town. I feel it is so expensive for the SR626SW battery locally.

So, I go to online and search it on eBay.

Later I found one here. $1.99 for two battery, plus $0.99 postage.


I made the order on May 27. And received it today.  See the picture below. I installed one battery into my Watch. So there is one empty box.


This is the one I got. I will keep one battery for backup.

The battery specification:

  • Maxell SR626SW
  • 377
  • 0% Mercury
  • Silver Oxide Cell
  • Made in Japan

Fitbit Zip tracker lost syncing?

This morning, I found my Fitbit Zip tracker lost its connection with my Nexus 7 Fitbit app. It can not sync with the wireless USB dongle either.  The device looks OK. Still tracking my steps and others. It is just lost syncing from last Friday.


My guess is something wrong with the tracker itself.  Maybe settings of bluetooth.

So reset the device.

Restarting your tracker will turn it off and then on. Restarting your tracker does not clear its data.

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Got another HTC Desire HD battery

It is ordered on I mentioned before the store is normal quality, low price, slow shipping. This battery is for my almost 2 year old HTC Desire HD smartphone.  The battery life is the key issue for Android phone.

The original battery has short standby and using time. I have to charge it more than once a day.

So I decided to get a new battery.

Nohon Battery. Li-ion battery  for HTC A9191 Desire HD, 1200mAh.

The official site


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Replace the battery to extend the life of iPod Touch 3rd Generation

I have a iPod touch since 2010. It is 32GB 3rd generation iPod touch. It works all my apps I have. The speed is fine. The only problem is the battery life. I can only use it for 20 minutes, then it needs charge.

After googleing and researching, I found it is not hard to replace the battery to extend the life of iPod touch.

I ordered a replacement battery from DX.COM. This online store has a lot of small stuff which is hard to find in local market. And the price is low. Quality is OK, if you are lucky. But the shipment is slow, or very slower. This time, I wait more than one month to get it.

This is the one I received this morning.


$5.30 only.

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How to Replace the Battery in a Pontiac Remote Control

I have a Pontiac SV6 mini van. I found the remote control sometimes not work. I try to replace the battery of it.
The number on the back of remote control is GM/L:15100811.
The front looks like below.


The battery type is CR2032. Very popular, you can find it in any stores.
The steps to replace the battery in a Pontiac Remote Control
1) Insert a small knife or thin flat-head screwdriver between the remote halves, directly underneath the slot for your key ring. It is actually the part I circled it in red above.

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