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Using Esso Extra Privileges to save your gas

Gas price is still high. I checked it on and saw the gas price of ESSO nearby is 126.9.

Now, ESSO has a new program, ESSO EXTRA Privileges. With it, we can save money.

Here is a privileges card I received yesterday. The front shown 5 cents per litre. This card has discount, which can reduce the price by 5 cents per litre, no matter which gas you choose.  This reward card hold 200L gas for savings. So, it is $10.00 in total.

When I add gas at ESSO gas station, with my speedpass, I collect ESSO points.  To redeem these points, I have a lot of choices, from chips to Red Bull. But, I prefer to redeem a privileges card.



Genuine Parts For Your Dodge Car

Genuine Dodge OEM parts are the only safe parts to use on a Dodge vehicle. Dodge has been around for many decades, and the number of cars they have produced is massive. These cars be repaired properly, but they must have the right parts for the vehicles. Each Dodge vehicle that uses the proper parts will work much better, and people who are trying to repair their own vehicles must consider how to get the right parts.



The model for each Dodge vehicle is unique, and the unique name of the model brings unique parts. The parts that are used in a Dodge vehicle will change based on the type of engine it has, and the style of the engine determines which parts will be used to repair the engine.


The year of the car is just as important as the model when buying parts. The parts that are used to repair these vehicles change every year. The engines are often very similar from year to year, but these engines have small changes because of improvements made to the car. The owner who is planning to repair their own vehicle must remember that the year and model are both very important.

Vintage Parts

The vintage parts for the oldest Dodge vehicles can be purchased easily when the driver wants to repair their own vehicle. The vintage parts are still available in some places, and the owner should strive to use the original parts on the vehicle. Returning a vehicle to its original state is something that everyone should strive for when they have a beautiful Dodge on their hands.

Also, these vintage parts can be interchanged with the modern parts. The seller can offer the driver advice on their repairs. The parts that can be interchanged are sold as interchangeable. Every driver can see what the purpose of the part is, which cars it will fit on and how to install the part. The best parts will fit into the cars perfectly the first time, and the parts will not be too expensive for the driver to get for their repair job.

Electric Cars Charge into the Future

It is a new  infographic guide to the world of Electric Cars. As a consumer, we are always thinking about total cost of ownership, including price of car, cost of insurance, cost of gas consumption or electric usage.

This new guide tell us something new about it.



Benefits of Nitrogen Tire Inflation

First of all, What is Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is an inert, dry gas. It’s non-combustible, non-flammable, and non-corrosive. In other words, Nitrogen is as safe as air when used in a tire.

Benefits: when a tire’s inflation pressure is stablized at the manufacturer’s operating specification.

  • Vehicle handling
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Tire life

I will give details of these benefits.

The Nitrogen which added into Tire is N2. The main part of the air we breathe. The air we breathe is made up of:

78% Nitrogen

21% Oxygen

The rest 1% are other gasses in very small amounts.


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Could be last AirCare inspection

I did the AirCare vehicle inspection this Monday.  It is required by my auto-insurance renewal letter.

As we living in BC, ICBC is the only insurance company we can purchase basic auto insurance. We can buy excess third party liability or umbrella policy from other company. ICBC also issue driver license, vehicle registration, etc. It is a Crown company.

Based on the information I got, it is the last year of AirCare program.

The AirCare Program will end after December 31, 2014.

Until that  time, ALL eligible 2007-and-older modlel year vehicles will require and AirCare test prior to their 2014 re-licensing. My car is 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6. So This is the second time it took the AirCare Inspection. The first time is 2012, when it is 7 years old.

This is my AirCare report:


The final result is PASS. Then, I can renewal my insurance and  re-license with this report. If fail, extra cost for repairing will be needed and re-inspect the care.


The current testing contract with Envirotest Canada to provide light-duty vehicle emissions testing in this region runs until December 31, 2014. The Province has announced that light-duty vehicles will no longer require emissions testing after this date.


How to Replace the Battery in a Pontiac Remote Control

I have a Pontiac SV6 mini van. I found the remote control sometimes not work. I try to replace the battery of it.
The number on the back of remote control is GM/L:15100811.
The front looks like below.


The battery type is CR2032. Very popular, you can find it in any stores.
The steps to replace the battery in a Pontiac Remote Control
1) Insert a small knife or thin flat-head screwdriver between the remote halves, directly underneath the slot for your key ring. It is actually the part I circled it in red above.

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It’s OK to say “I’m sorry”

British Columbia’s Ministry of the Attorney General has introduced Canada’s first apology legislation.
The proposed bill will allow people and organizations to apologize for an accident without incurring legal liability or fear of voiding an insurance contract. An apology made by a person or an organization in connection with any matter will not constitute an express or implied admission of fault or liability.
Accident victims often want nothing more than an explanation and an apology for waht happened to them.
The victim get a apology and fell better than nothing.
So if you hit other people’s car in accident, it is OK to say “I’m sorry”. It doesnot mean you are liable for this accident.
On the other hand, it is nothing to say “I’m sorry.”
The Discussion Paper on Apology Legislation.


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