Philips Universal Remote Contrl Menu

I have a post about Philips Universal Remote Contrl with a detailed instruction of code search.
But still some people ask for the menu.
Ok, I have agreed to scan it and post it here.
It is a PDF file. You can download it here.
philips remote menu
It includes almost all brands in the market and all devices, such as TV, Plasma, LCD & Panel TVs, HDTV, VCR, CD, Cable, WebTV, LD, DVR, and some Combo devices.
If you like you can print it for your reference in future.
I use this one to control my old RCA TV set and Cable box from Shaw Cable.


  1. I need codes for Emerson tv

  2. Tryed to find how to set the proper time for the TV programs, because they are all a hour off behind the time they are on. Now I reset the remote and can’t get into thr tv guide. Do you know what I should do?

  3. Tryed to find how to set the proper time for the TV programs, because they are all a hour off behind the time they are on. Now I reset the remote and can’t get into thr tv guide. Do you know what I should do?

  4. Thank you SO much. My 2 year old keeps unprograming the remote and then he tore up my manual and he ripped the power button off the TV. We didn’t want to buy him another TV to tear up but we couldn’t turn his on or off anymore. You totally saved us from having to spend unneccesary money!

  5. You rock, I spent more time looking for the owners amnual and in just minute, we are working again.
    Hint, don’t fall asleep on your remotes unless you want to redo the codes. Got to love kids!
    Thanks again.

  6. Thank you so much wasn’t sure what I was going to do then I found this site. Thanks a bunch.

  7. Thank you for the quick code search, I had my remote working in under a minute!

  8. i dont understand wat code im installing.. ive tried a thousand times but nothing is workin

  9. i need the code for this remote for a quasar t.v.

  10. This article is so helpful to those who needs instructions on how to use the universal remote. It can really help other people. What can I say regarding with the remote is that it is really good. From the name itself, universal, it will really be used in any kind of tv.

  11. This blog saved my remote control’s life. My 9 month old decided she wanted to play with the remote and somehow managed to reset the codes to all of our devices. We recently moved, so I have no clue where the user’s guide is. I had just determined that I was going to have to buy a different remote control since none of the codes on the other sites were working when I came upon your site. The device search worked for my tv and your code post actually had the codes I needed for the other devices. Thanks so much!

  12. Thanks so much, i thought i was out of luck when our remote somehow reset itself but now we are rocking and rolling again. Your the best to do this!

  13. Thank you SO much. Lost my codes and this helped.

  14. thanks!! I tried all day using the codes in the manual and nothing worked. I used your ‘channel up’ method and I’m good-to-go!

  15. Thanks! This saved me. Found the remote, but not the instructions. You’re a lifesaver!

  16. Nothing worked for a Dish network DVR or an Insignia TV.
    It’s VERY frustrating…

  17. Thank you, I was going nuts trying to reprogram this remote. I usually keep all books for items I buy in a folder… seems this one is missing. I did have to use the option to enter the Name Brand code to get mine to work, so if others are just trying to do the auto search and not working, try by enter the code that applies to your tv name brand from the list David has posted. Thank you DAVID for caring to share with others, that is what life is about! 🙂

  18. Thank you so much! I searched everywhere for this! YOU ROCK!

  19. I searched the web for an HOUR trying to find the manual for this remote. Thank you!! You saved my evening!

  20. Ray,
    You are so welcome.
    For me it just took me 5 minutes to scan and post it here. But for other people like you, will be benefited from it.
    I am happy to see it.

  21. David,
    Thank you very much in taking the time to scan and post the Phillips remote manual with codes. I looked for a long time on the web and your blog was the only one I found that had this info! Again thank you so very much!

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