Update to MovableType 3.33

Sixapart release a important update to v3.33. It is asecurity updates.
It is not disclouse what security issue in the previous version.
Sixapart said:

If you are running a version of Movable Type older than 3.2, it is especially imperative that you to migrate immediately to version 3.33 due to the importance of fixes for the current issues as well as several significant security enhancements which have been made since your version was released.

It means all version MovableType need to be updated.
To update from MT3.32, just download the patch file. Decomess it and copy to the MT installation folder.
When login, the version is 3.33 now.
If you use the MT3.2, please use this patch file
All other version, please use the full version to update.
I am also want all my MT friends can update it as soon as possible.

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