I use SyntaxHightlight for codes showing tools on Movabletype for many years.
From 1.0 to 2.0. Now it is v3.0
The official site released v3.0.83.
I like this new release, which has some new features I love.
It remove the flash support.
Previous version has a flash file, which used to select code and copy the code. Now it remove the flash. Double click on the code can let user select code. Then user can use Ctrl+C to copy code.
Double click to select the content is very common practice. Remove flash is also a good choice.
Autoloader save a lot of download bytes.

SyntaxHighlighter comes with almost 30 brushes out of the box. One of the most requested feature has been the ability to dynamically load them without having to load them all on the same page.

Here are some samples:
Shell code:

yum localinstall mod-pagespeed-*.rpm

Javascript code:

* SyntaxHighlighter
function foo()
if (counter <= 10)
// it works!

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