Google mod_pagespeed v0.9.1.1-171 release

mod_pagespeed has so big problem on Centos and other Linux dist. It release the to fix following bugs.
Issue 5 Incorrectly handling not-quoted font-family names with spaces
Issue 7 insert_img_dimensions not detecting existing dimensions
Issue 10 A whole lot of HTTPD processes
Issue 11 After installing module server becomes unusable
Issue 18 LogLevel seems to be ignored
Issue 25 Misleading server error message
Issue 30 Very slow memory leak
Issue 33 Do not warn on “Invalid url relative to…”
The problem I mentioned on previous post about it crushed my Centos is about Issue 10.
Now Centos binary package released.

I remove the previous release already. So I download the rpm again.
Reinstall it and use the default settings.
It is working on my VPS with Centos.
But, not a big difference on my Website.

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