MovableType 5 postphone again

I hope it will release on time.
Movable Type 5 Release Postponed to Jan 5th, 2010
At least, we can have a issue free holiday.
Because we don’t want to have a MT5 update and get a MT5.01 just two or three days later. It did happen before.
The only thing we have is patience.

David Yin

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2 Replies to “MovableType 5 postphone again

  1. No matter when it is released, the security is most important for software. Otherwise any features will be zero for all.
    I do believe you try your best to make it better and better.
    Thank you for your information.

  2. Hi David. The January MT5 release actually *will* be MT 5.01. We’ve become much more aggressive, frankly, about releasing revisions early and often and also, frankly, a little stricter in our release criteria over the past year. Sometimes that means delivering tough news. I am happy to discuss further:, 212 796 1610.

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