MovableType 5 postphone again

I hope it will release on time.
Movable Type 5 Release Postponed to Jan 5th, 2010
At least, we can have a issue free holiday.
Because we don’t want to have a MT5 update and get a MT5.01 just two or three days later. It did happen before.
The only thing we have is patience.


  1. No matter when it is released, the security is most important for software. Otherwise any features will be zero for all.
    I do believe you try your best to make it better and better.
    Thank you for your information.

  2. Hi David. The January MT5 release actually *will* be MT 5.01. We’ve become much more aggressive, frankly, about releasing revisions early and often and also, frankly, a little stricter in our release criteria over the past year. Sometimes that means delivering tough news. I am happy to discuss further:, 212 796 1610.

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