MovableType has 3.32

SixApart updated MovableType to 3.32 on August 28, 2006.
David Yin’s Blog is just upgraded to 3.31 two weeks ago. Do I need to update it?
Let’s review the new features or bug fixes.
Five features:
32509: Activity Log Filter Missing ‘Search’ option
32695: MTIfCategory ‘type’ attribute should accept ‘secondary’ as a value
32732: New DebugMode settings for publishing performance profiling
32747: Create a “Powered by” default widget for WidgetManager
32450: lite requests and improvements
I am not interested in these new features or improved features.
There are about thirty seven bugfixes on the list.

My friend Yixiao give the Chinese language pack for 3.32 here.
Ok, I will try to update to 3.32 on some test blog firstly.

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