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MovableType 4.2 RC release

Just got the news about MT 4.2 rc release.
It looks like a small upgrade for new features.
Let us have a close look about it.

  1. A faster and more efficient user experience
  2. More design options and our simplest and most powerful templates yet
  3. The best, most effective anti-spam solution

In the first feature, the most important is described as below:

Completely Rewritten Search – Movable Type’s venerable built-in search system has been rewritten from the ground up to be modernized, much more flexible, and lightning-fast. Now it’s easy to create custom-filtered views of your content.

MT-search is heavy CPU load script on my host.
If the new search can solve it, I would like to keep use it instead of Google Search.
It announced that Common tasks in Movable Type 4.2 are up to 100 times faster.
Do you believe it?

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Upgrade my blog from Movable Type 4.01a to MovableType 4.1 on Dreamhost

I have tested the upgrade on the MT unofficial blog. It is smooth.
Now I recorded the detailed upgrade procedures of David Yin’s Blog.
1) Login the MovableType system, Backup all blogs of this system, by tab system > tools > backup
2) Use Export feature of the system, by tab system > tools > export
Export every individual blog.
3) SSH to the Dreamhost.
Use tar command to backup all related files.

tar czvf backup.tar.gz ~/

4) Go to control panel of Dreamhost, Goodies > Manage MySQL > phpMyAdmin
Export the whole database.
Now I have the full backups on different levels. I am safe even the following upgrade fails.
1) SSH to Dreamhost

cd ~/temp/<br />wget

2) Decompress the package

tar xvzf MTP-4.1-en.tar.gz

3) Copy the decompressed files into the mt cgi folder. I use mtcgi as the system folder.

cd ~/temp/MTP-4.1-en/<br />cp -r -f . ~/

4) Now launch Firefox.

Click “Begin Upgrade” to continue.

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MovableType 4.01a Released

Sixapart released Movable Type 4.01a today. It is a Security Update.
No matter MT 3.2, MT 3.3x or MT4.01, upgrade is required.
For MT4.01, just download the gz package and decompress it. Overwrite the MovableType 4.01 installation is OK.
No database upgrade this time.
It said, “Security Release. The potential vulnerability has not yet been exploited in the wild.This is a mandatory update for all users of Movable Type.”
So I did it as it said.
I used five steps to upgrade it.
1) Fully Backup
Backup database through PhpMySQL, Tar and compress all files into one file, and export all entries by build-in function.
2) Get package
SSH to Server, wget the file.
3) Decompress package
tar xvzf MT-4.01a-eb.tar.gz
4) Copy and overwrite the installation
5) Login the system and click upgrade if asked.
The SSH is provided by Dreamhost.

Path difference between Windows and Linux

Movabletype 4.01 has the internal upload facility, which can upload images to the assets manager.
My blog is always runing well on my Windows 2003, until I moved it to the Linux server.
The photo is not displayed on the sidebar. Only the file name is shown there.
After researching over 2 hours, I found the problem is the path.
Windows uses “\” as the path symbol. Linux uses “/” as the path symbol.
The path saved in the database is something like, “\images\photo-1.jpg”
It can not be displayed correctly in Linux server. Movabletype has not have the tool to change the path. I have to use PhpMyAdmin to change the path manually. It is saved in mt_asset table. Change the asset_file_path and asset_url to match Linux rule.
Then the photo widget shown properly and the page of manage assets can display image asset and preview popup can shown the correct image.
It is not the end. I have to check all my blog use the thumb image, which has some URL use the old Windows path. Manually change them again.
After these changes, all images use the MT4.01’s inclusive asset manager can be displayed perfectly.
Please be reminded thant when you move your MT blog from Windows to Linux. And also I think if the MT blog moves from Linux to Windows has same problems.

MovableType 4.1 Commercial Beta 1

Get the news from Sixapart. MovableType 4.1 Commercial Beta 1 is ready to download.
Please be noted that this is not the MTOS version. It is a commercial version, paid version.
There are tons of new features in MT4.1, including performance enhancements to make things run faster, improvements to the UI, user avatars, asset editing, even smarter templates, and much more.
Here is the list of Changes of v4.1
I do expect these new features from the list above.
1) Template Sets – developers can register template sets through the plugin API, and users can select and apply template sets to new and/or existing blogs.
Then I can make my own templates and save it as a template package. Easy to share.
2) Assets are now editable – the edit screen has been augmented as well with a lot of meta data about the asset including the display of the posts it is included within
Yes, Assets are new in MT4. I did move one blog from one server to the other. And everything is fine except the assets. The thumb image information is lost.
3) A bunch of new MT tags implemented. It is good for template designer.
4) Global Template Modules
When managing a BSP with MovableType, it is very helpful.
5) Userpic autodiscovery is performed during OpenID authentication
I don’t know when the official 4.1 will be released. Just waiting. If I have time, I may try this beta version on some test platform.

503 error when save MT template at Dreamhost

When I move MT installation to Dreamhost, I tried to change template to meet the changes on server.
The 503 Error, Service Temporarily Unavailable comes every time I want to save MovableType Template.
I have to go to PhpMyAdmin to change the data from the database directly.
After doing a lot of Search, I found it is happen, because I use the extra-security. It is a default setting of DreamHost.
To solve this 503 error, just go to the domain and click edit, uncheck the extra-security, save it.
Then no 503 error any more when I change the MovableType template.

Upgrade David Yin Blog to MT 4.01

Sixapart release the MovableType to MT4.01 yesterday.
The release Advisor as below:

* Release Type: Bug Fix Release, with one XSS security vulnerability resolved which could affect some users. This vulnerability has not yet been exploited in the wild.
* Mandatory? Strongly Recommended for all MT4.0 users, particularly those affected by the addressed issues, but not mandatory.
* Performance Implications: Expect performance increase. Many critical performance improvements over MT 4.0. Users should expect to see a performance increase in both the application and in publishing.
* Plugins Affected: None that we are aware of — all MT4.0 plugins should work in MT 4.01. However, this is a release that addresses some issues with the Movable Type plugin API, so some plugins may be updated for this release.
* Templates Affected: No changes in your templates are required. The default search results template was modified slightly to be compliant with W3C standards.
* System Requirements: This release has no new or additional system requirements.
* Licensing considerations: None. MT 4.01 is a free update for users of any version of MT 4.0
* Upgrade Fatigue: No planned updates are scheduled until the next feature release of MT4. This will only change if significant security issues are found which require a 4.0x release.

To upgrade David Yin’s Blog, MT 4.0 to MT4.01 is very straight forward. Just Download the MT 4.01 package and upzip it.
Copy all files and overwrite the original installation.
No database updating.
I will see how better the performance improved.

MovableType 4.0 pages published nowhere

I add a page, previously call it individual page in MT 3.3, in my blog hosted by MT 4.0 .
It looks fine, when I click the publish button. But the problem is I can not find this page anywhere in the site.
I tried a lot of ways to solve it. Finally I find the solution.
Let me tell you the wrong way first. I spent almost 20 minutes to find it. I also want to spend two more minutes to note it.
1) The user right? No.
2) The settings in mt-config.cgi? No.
3) The Blogging setting in preferences of backend? No.
The correct answer is Archive Mapping.
I upgrade this blog from MT3.35 to MT 4.0.
The archive mapping is keeping same as before. So, after upgrading, I manually modified all archive mapping excluding “pages”. Because I have never use this type of archive before.
I forgot it.
Now I got it and solve this problem.
I still want Sixapart can fix this problem in the next version. It should give some notice or error message to tell user it can not be published correctly instead of the published OK message.

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