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MovableType 4.2 RC release

Just got the news about MT 4.2 rc release. It looks like a small upgrade for new features. Let us have a close look about it. A faster and more efficient user experience More design options and our simplest and most powerful templates yet The best, most effective anti-spam solution In the first feature, the

MovableType 4.1 release

Just found that Movable Type 4.1 and Movable Type Open Source 4.1 are released. Download: Movable Type OpenSource 4.1 Movable Type 4.1 personal New features: A smarter posting screen New asset editing system Author Avatars Shared global templates Performance enhancement I will upgrade my MovableType unofficial blog first to see its new stuff.

MovableType 4.01a Released

Sixapart released Movable Type 4.01a today. It is a Security Update. No matter MT 3.2, MT 3.3x or MT4.01, upgrade is required. For MT4.01, just download the gz package and decompress it. Overwrite the MovableType 4.01 installation is OK. No database upgrade this time. It said, “Security Release. The potential vulnerability has not yet been

MovableType 4.1 Commercial Beta 1

Get the news from Sixapart. MovableType 4.1 Commercial Beta 1 is ready to download. Please be noted that this is not the MTOS version. It is a commercial version, paid version. There are tons of new features in MT4.1, including performance enhancements to make things run faster, improvements to the UI, user avatars, asset editing,

Upgrade David Yin Blog to MT 4.01

Sixapart release the MovableType to MT4.01 yesterday. The release Advisor as below: * Release Type: Bug Fix Release, with one XSS security vulnerability resolved which could affect some users. This vulnerability has not yet been exploited in the wild. * Mandatory? Strongly Recommended for all MT4.0 users, particularly those affected by the addressed issues, but