MT4 released

During my vacation in Shanghai, MovableType 4.0 was released.
I tried a lot of time to test the beta version at Unofficial Site.
It is time to upgrade my MT 3.34 to MT 4.0. I knew there is a MT4.01 beta, but now I just want to use this final version.
OK, I will go through the guide of Movable Type 4.0 Upgrade Guide and guide of Installing Movable Type.
After my upgrading, the following official guide will be reviewed.
# Author’s Guide to Movable Type. Publishing and managing entries, publishing and managing pages, uploading files, managing assets.
# Designer’s Guide to Movable Type. An anatomy of Movable Type’s default templates, working with templates, using template modules, archive mapping, an overview of Movable Type’s template tag language.
# Administrator’s Guide. Managing blogs, managing users, managing a community, publishing options, maintaining your system, finding and installing plugins.
Just give me two days. Let me try the upgrade on the testing bed.

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