MovableType 4.26 released

Wow, I saw MovableType 4.26 is released today too.
WordPress has a new upgrade from 2.7.1 to 2.8. MovableType upgrade from 4.25 to 4.26.
For MT, it is an optional release for performance improvement.

* Release Type: Performance Release. This update fixes bugs and improves existing features. No new features are included.
* Mandatory? No. This is an optional upgrade recommended for Movable Type Enterprise users.
* Performance Implications: Better search performance for large datasets and improved reliability and performance around TheSchwartz.
* Plugins Affected: None. Current plugins should continue to work as expected.
* Templates Affected: None.
* System Requirements: This release has no new or additional system requirements.
* Licensing considerations: None. Movable Type 4.26 is a free update for users of any version of MT 4.x.
* Upgrade Fatigue: No further mandatory updates are planned for 2009. Optional releases may become available.

Download it here.
It takes time to test MovableType 4.26 and upgrade this blog to it.

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