What is New of MovableType 5.2

As a MovableType user for 7 years, I am keep my eyes on the development of it. SixApart just released Movable Type 5.2 Beta 4. So I think the new version of MT5.2 is coming soon.
I would like to know the what is new of MovableType 5.2. I am useing MovableType5.14 now.

New features of Movable Type 5.2

Support for nginx+PSGI system environments
Nginx is a light web server which has recently come into the spotlight for its fast performance. PSGI (Perl Web Server Gateway Interface) is an interface that connects web applications and web servers. When used in combination with nginx, Movable Type can become lighter and run faster.
New rich text editor
Fully refined and easy to use; enables more efficient website management.
Site path restriction
To meet high-degree security policies, site paths can now be restricted when creating blogs or websites.
SMTP Authentication
Support is now available for sending email notifications using SMTP over SSL.
Improved performance of custom fields.

Do you need these features? Is there any big changes of it?
I don’t know, I am running this blog on Dreamhost, with Perl.
I am still using the very basic Convert Links Breaks format editor. I am not sure if I will upgrade my blog to new MovableType 5.2.
How about you?

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