Some new features in MT4

You know, this is my Blog in English and just upgraded to MovableType 4.0.
For this version. I’d like to show some new features included.
1) OpenID
The comment system is very powerful.
You can leave your comment anonymously or by Sign in.
What about this Sign in?
I give four options for other commenter. The MovableType built-in registered user is put here for myself.
Let me describe these for options:
A, OpenID
B, LiveJournal
C, Vox
D, TypeKey
They are all free.
There is a post discussing it.
2) Built-in support for integrated spam fighting and optionally displaying a CAPTCHA for comments
This one is so powerful. It can filter most of the spam comments.
I do like it.

OK. Just stop here.
The full new features implemented in MovableType 4.0 is listed here.

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