On-Demand CRM for Lead Aggregation Business

When you are doing the lead Aggregation Business (Lead Sales), you may need a web-based CRM software.
AIMpromote is the name of this kind of crm software.
CRM is Customer relationship management. You can find more information from Wiki.
A typical CRM system is subdivided into three basic sub modules:
1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Service
To see how this AIMpromote doing, just try its 14 day free trial.
It focus on the following industries: Mortgage, Insurance, Auto, Real Estate, Financial, Home improvement, Debt.
The users can be from 1-3 to over 500. So much flexibility.
The price is $33.00 per user, minimal 3 users. No Setup fee.
It looks good from the list of full features.
Let’s go through the features as below:
* Lead Management Features
Lead Attention Meter
Custom Lead List Display
Limited Lead Export
Lead Import Limited
Alerts and Reminders
Lead Opportunity Value
Lead Reselling
Custom Status
Custom Substatus
Private Labelling
HIPAA/GLBA Compliant
Unlimited Custom Fields
Searchable Database
AES Encryption (SSL)
Lead Management Dashboard
* Reporting
Campaign Performance
Return on Investment (ROI)
Return on Advertising Spent (ROAS)
Gross Profit
Net Profit
Campaign Cost
Revenue from Leads
Revenue from E-commerce Sales
Call Center Performance
Limited Real-time Reporting
Activity Logging
Duplicate Lead Removal
* Sales Force Automation
Marketing Automation
Custom Tasks
Custom Task Types
Task Calendar
Newsletter / Mass Mail
Unlimited Email Templates
Automatic Notification
Automatic Lead Distribution
Next-in-queue (Round-Robin) Lead Distribution
Custom Filters
* User Management and Authentication
Multiple Authentication Levels
User Groups
User, Group, and Organization Specific Rights
Admin Login as Any User
* Support and Consultation
Email Support
Telephone Support
Support Community
Custom System Configuration
Website Integration
One-on-One Training
* Website Integration and Internet Marketing
Visitor Tracking
Web Analytics
Automatic Lead Form Builder
Dynamic Lead Forms
Dynamic Telephone Numbers
Integrated Affiliate Program Management System
Post Leads to External Form
Closed-Loop Tracking
Some features are solely provide by AIMpromote:
Unlimited Custom Fields
This is a wonderful feature. You need it to customize your own form without limitation.

Customize your lead generating feedback forms with unlimited custom fields. The AIMpromote system has been engineered from the ground up with extensibility and customizability in mind. We know that at some point during the sales process there is information you will need that no other business ever would. To address this, we have created a system for you that treats every field as a custom field. You can choose from any of the standard HTML form field types, plus quite a few AIMpromote proprietary field types.

Unlimited Email Templates
Unlimited, I like this word. It is similar to the other words, Customized. I do like this feature for people need more styles of marketing emails.

Easily prepare an unlimited number of form letters for email blasts, as well as email newsletters and mass mailings using an unlimited number of templates. Use your WYSIWYG email editor to add images, links, HTML, Flash animations, videos… Anything. There is no limit to the size or quantity of the messages that you can save to your system. We believe that every piece of marketing material you use will help your business be a greater success.

Admin Login as Any User
This Login is just like a shadow account. Admin can watch the system from the other users view.

Administrators can easily log in as any user in their CRM system without logging out first. With the push of a button an admin can see the users account as they do. This is useful for troubleshooting and to keep an eye on any specific users’ activity. Admins can also log in as reseller clients or as affiliates. This helps to see what activity resellers or affiliates have had, also that leads are being delivered properly.

There are so many good features which its competitors have not provided.
I really recommend you to sign up to take the 14 day free trial.

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