There are so many ways to make money. But today, I would like to show you something new.
payperpost is a good tool for blogger. Just like me. I write my blogs day by day for lots of different topics as below:
* Digest of books, and/or movies
* Hardware of computers
* Independent Thinking focuses on my thinking about society, human relationship.
* L.A.M.P. is Linux server, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP script language.
* My Life is for my family.
* Notes of MovableType is to keep my memory of how to do and what I did on this Blog platform.
* Reviews is so clear, this post is one piece of review.
* Software is talking about computer software.
* VOIP gives many tips of VOIP phone. Including VOIP devices, VOIP service providers, VOIP usage.
* Vehicles collect some information of driving and cars.
* Web Site and Network has advices of Internet, local area network, and website design.
* WordPress Notes is another blog software. I use it for other blog.
You know I have so many stuff to write. The posts are free to read. So how to support this blog? How can I pay for the hosting and others? This is a question for all bloggers who has their own personal blog.
So PayPerPost is a service for you and me. We write some something has similar topic with our blog. Or write something we are interested in. They are all paid by advertiser through PayPerPost, if the post satisfy advertiser and match the requirement.
It is a platform you can choose the job of post. Only the job meet your blog will be show as your job opportunity.
So look this is my first PayPerPost job on DavidYin’s Blog. As agreed, they will pay me $20.00 to spread it.

David Yin

David is a blogger, geek, and web developer — founder of If you like his post, you can say thank you here

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