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Future features of MovableType

Sixapart is developing the next version of MovableType. The future version will be including following interesting features: 1) Role Role may replace the Author and Administrator. Default roles include Weblog Administrator, Designer and Editor. So, it is more flexible to implement the rights for users. 2) Clone Blog It is much easy tool to duplicate

Post from Google Docs & Spreadsheets

I want to try the post from Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The MovableType API is http://YOURBLOG/PATH/TO/mt-xmlrpc.cgi I use MovableType. Google said MovableType supports more features than Blogger. Good. Don’t forget setup your Web Services Password in your Author setting in the MovableType. Now Google is only support one blog setting. What about if I have

MovableType has 3.32

SixApart updated MovableType to 3.32 on August 28, 2006. David Yin’s Blog is just upgraded to 3.31 two weeks ago. Do I need to update it? Let’s review the new features or bug fixes. Five features: 32509: Activity Log Filter Missing ‘Search’ option 32695: MTIfCategory ‘type’ attribute should accept ‘secondary’ as a value 32732: New

TagSupplementals Plugin

This is a really good plugin. It works smoothly with Tag in MovableType 3.31. TagSupplementals provide some convenient features I needed. The features added is shown as below: # MTEntryTagsCount variable tag # MTRelatedEntries container tag # MTRelatedTags container tag # MTTagLastUpdated variable tag # encode_urlplus global filter # MTSearchTags container tag # MTXSearchTags container

How to add Tag Cloud

One of the new features of MovableType 3.31 is Tag. I still use the old template files. I don’t know if the new template includes it or not. The tag is good facility to organize post by tag word. You can also know which tag word is mentioned most often. Let me DIY my templates.

Update to MovableType 3.31

Just update this blog. This is the first post after updating. To make it work smoothly, I changed my IIS setting following by Http Header Error again in MovableType 3.31 Mt-Check also works. Current working directory and MT home directory are same now. The http header error has gone.