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Movable Type 4 : the Next version

Sixapart is developing the next MT, MovableType 4. Compared with WordPress, another famous Blog platform, MT goes behind. Now it try to go ahead. It put some new features: * A completely reinvented user interface with a dashboard overview of how all of your blogs are doing * Support for publishing standalone pages and managing

Spam Filtering update in MT

SixApart announce an update of the default plugin Spamlookup It is a manual update. The steps as below: 1. Login to Movable Type. (Your account will need to have System Administrator privileges.) 2. Click on the “Plugins” link in the main navigation on the left hand side. 3. Look for the “SpamLookup – Lookups” plugin

MovableType 3.34 is comming

MT 3.34 is coming yesterday very quietly. I knew this information from other blogger. I think it should be put into the back-end of MovableType platform. Ok, let’s see what’s * Fixes important potential XSS vulnerabilities * Is a free and recommended update for all Movable Type users * Enables simple use of FastCGI which