I installed the Movable Type 3.3 Beta 1 into a Windows box. The installation is much more easy than v3.2 with less configuation.
I also test the most important plugin I think, Scode. The latest version Scode 1.0 works well in MT 3.3 Beta 1.
Scode is a good tool of spam control.
StyleCatcher Version 1.01 is also working on it. The CSS can be changed by StyleCatcher easily.
The new features 6A deployed, internal TAG is also good in one blog. It can organize your posts by TAGs.
When you want to make a new post, the edit box can be resized by click. It is very useful when enter a long paragraph.
My feelling of the new version is 6A does not add new features, but make a lot of improvement and fineturn.
This time the installation on Windows 2000 is not like last version. It is smooth.


David Yin

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