MovableType 4.0 pages published nowhere

I add a page, previously call it individual page in MT 3.3, in my blog hosted by MT 4.0 .
It looks fine, when I click the publish button. But the problem is I can not find this page anywhere in the site.
I tried a lot of ways to solve it. Finally I find the solution.
Let me tell you the wrong way first. I spent almost 20 minutes to find it. I also want to spend two more minutes to note it.
1) The user right? No.
2) The settings in mt-config.cgi? No.
3) The Blogging setting in preferences of backend? No.
The correct answer is Archive Mapping.
I upgrade this blog from MT3.35 to MT 4.0.
The archive mapping is keeping same as before. So, after upgrading, I manually modified all archive mapping excluding “pages”. Because I have never use this type of archive before.
I forgot it.
Now I got it and solve this problem.
I still want Sixapart can fix this problem in the next version. It should give some notice or error message to tell user it can not be published correctly instead of the published OK message.

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