Upgrade David Yin Blog to MT 4.01

Sixapart release the MovableType to MT4.01 yesterday.
The release Advisor as below:

* Release Type: Bug Fix Release, with one XSS security vulnerability resolved which could affect some users. This vulnerability has not yet been exploited in the wild.
* Mandatory? Strongly Recommended for all MT4.0 users, particularly those affected by the addressed issues, but not mandatory.
* Performance Implications: Expect performance increase. Many critical performance improvements over MT 4.0. Users should expect to see a performance increase in both the application and in publishing.
* Plugins Affected: None that we are aware of — all MT4.0 plugins should work in MT 4.01. However, this is a release that addresses some issues with the Movable Type plugin API, so some plugins may be updated for this release.
* Templates Affected: No changes in your templates are required. The default search results template was modified slightly to be compliant with W3C standards.
* System Requirements: This release has no new or additional system requirements.
* Licensing considerations: None. MT 4.01 is a free update for users of any version of MT 4.0
* Upgrade Fatigue: No planned updates are scheduled until the next feature release of MT4. This will only change if significant security issues are found which require a 4.0x release.

To upgrade David Yin’s Blog, MT 4.0 to MT4.01 is very straight forward. Just Download the MT 4.01 package and upzip it.
Copy all files and overwrite the original installation.
No database updating.
I will see how better the performance improved.

David Yin

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