MovableType 3.34 is comming

MT 3.34 is coming yesterday very quietly.
I knew this information from other blogger. I think it should be put into the back-end of MovableType platform.
Ok, let’s see what’s
* Fixes important potential XSS vulnerabilities
* Is a free and recommended update for all Movable Type users
* Enables simple use of FastCGI which yields a 15x performance increase Sixapart bring to us.
Here is the release notes for 3.34, go to check it out.
When I finish this post, I will download the updated Mt3.34 and try it in a brand new install and a update.

David Yin

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3 Replies to “MovableType 3.34 is comming

  1. 1&1 VPS services does support FastCGI. It could be a
    expensive way to go , but from what I have read it worth going the FastCGI route.
    I am installing FastCGI on 1and1 and having some road blocks. Let me know if anyone has already done this.

  2. I have a Movable Type installation hosted on 1and1… recently I cannot seem to rebuild the individual archives! I get the 500 before it even finishes 20 entries, which is quite frustrating. I’m not familiar with FastCGI – but what would it take to utilize that, assuming it’s available on 1and1?
    Charlie Gorichanaz
    Hi, Charlie,
    I don’t think 1and1 support FastCGI.
    David Yin

  3. Just to clarify: You’re using the new Movable Type running the FastCGI on a 1and1 server?
    I’ve been looking to see if 1and1 supports FastCGI and I’m not finding that information…
    I am still use my own server for this Blog. Not FastCGI.

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