Spring is comming

After supper, I walked out with my wife, Vivian, and Grace and Gloria. The two Gs are so happy to have a walk in the playground and grass.
I brought my DC to take some photos. I just learn some tips from some site, which I forgot the name. To fade the background with the entry-level DC.
The cherry-trees have excellent blossom this year.

Can you guess which digital camera I use?

This FinePIx2400Zoom, which I bought four years ago.
The FinePix 2400 has a 3X optical zoom lens, with a focus distance of 6 – 18mm (equivalent to 38 – 114mm on a 35mm camera). It is 2.1 Mpixel camera powered by four alkaline AA batteries. It is heavier than the new one.
How to take the photo with the fade background?
1. Maximize zoom
2. Turn off the flash light.
3. Let the focus on the target item.

Cheaper is better. Use the IT gear until it broken or double the product life-time. Do not change them so often? There is very small function improve in the new model sometimes.

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